Red – CLEAN LEADER Heavy Duty Reusable Cloths,Mutil-used Cleaning Wipes 11.8*19.7 Inches ,10 Count,2 Packages20 Total

Simple and beautiful, can be recycled 20 times, home cleaning essential products. Superabsorbent, multipurpose wipes. Multi-used wipes, can be used to wash dishes, clean the bathroom or wash the car. Can be machine washed and reused. 4 color options, 10 Count, 2 packages 20 total. High quality non-woven fabric, smooth and thick, soft, non stick oil, do not fade.

Its honeycomb structure has uniform pore size, strong decontamination ability, and wipe off the oil. Rinse and reuse up to 20 times.

Clorox Handi Wipes Multi-Use Reusable Cloths, 72 Cloths

Rinse and reuse up to 20 times. Buy fewer and use less of the environment's resources. Sheet after sheet, they are a better economical choice than paper towels. These durable cloths are machine washable, so they can be used several times over. Use handi wipes Reusable Cloths for versatile cleaning throughout your home.

Can be machine washed and reused. Reusable clorox handi wipes offer all the convenience and absorbency of single use paper towels, but last 20 times longer. An alternative to paper towels, rags, and sponges. Superabsorbent, multipurpose wipes. They are ideal for wiping, cleaning and scrubbing kitchens, countertops, bathrooms and more.

. 36 cloths are equivalent to 12 rolls of 60 count paper towels, which means you buy fewer and use less of the environment's resources.

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